Sunday Runday: Week of 10/17

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I was awful at keeping track my workouts this week. Blame it on my last week of outpatient peds and shelf exam on Friday! Here’s what I remember:

Monday, 10/17: Running’s been feeling really meh for me the last week since the half-marathon, so I’m switching things up a bit! Ran 3 miles and then did Day 1 of the Beginner Blogilates Calendar. I am not into lifting/strength training at all, but in looking forward to training for Boston, I wanted to start incorporating some strength work into my everyday routine. Might as well start now! 😛 It kicked my butt! As someone who considers herself to be in decent shape, the way I was huffing and puffing and break taking was, honestly, quite pathetic. It’s good to push ourselves out of our comfort zones from time to time, though!

Tuesday, 10/18: 3 miles + Day 2 of the Beginner Blogilates Calendar.

Wednesday, 10/193.5 miles + Day 3 of the Beginner Blogilates Calendar.

Thursday, 10/20: Day 4 of the Beginner Blogilates Calendar.

Friday, 10/21: The first two steps of my 57ish minute run (6.5 miles) with Moira felt so much easier than any other run I’ve done since the Mohawk-Hudson Half! And this is when the falling off the Blogilates train began…

Saturday, 10/22: Off because I was driving home! Also had chicken fingers and fries from a Rest Stop Popeye’s whilst driving. #thisisAmerica

Sunday, 10/23: BWI Bike Trail (11 mile loop…this felt so much longer!) with Wendy! We took about an hour and 15 minutes, but also got a little lost. Which is just silly because it’s a loop.

Total = 16 miles

#woof #thisisrecovering?!


Sunday Runday: Week of 10/10

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Monday, 10/10: Rest day recovering from yesterday’s epic half-marathon!

Tuesday, 10/11: I’m in Glens Falls (about an hour north of Albany) for the next two weeks for outpatient peds (OMG I LOVE IT), so the school is graciously supplying me with a hotel room in Lake George (15 minutes north of the clinic) to stay in. Which means time to explore a new place! By which running is my favorite means of exploring! Yay! But it got kinda old kinda quick. The changing leaves and lake were beautiful, but I found it hard to find enough places to run to get in my standard 6 mile run. Maybe I need to do more research. Probably.

Wednesday, 10/12: 6 mile run in the dark that turned into da crack of dawn before clinic this morning. My legs feel surprisingly good for what I put my body through just a couple days ago! Planning on taking it easy tomorrow and maybe doing some sort of workout on Friday. Picking some more races or deciding to take it easy before jumping into marathon training might be helpful to direct me towards some sort of training schedule. 😛

Thursday, 10/13: 8 miles in Albany before heading to school for Morning Report! Actually felt half decent, too. 🙂

Friday, 10/14: I woke up at 5:45AM like usual, and my body just felt dead. In retrospect, I probably should have just dragged my lazy butt outta bed to get a few miles in, but I somehow talked myself into thinking that I could have a super productive morning of studying. #lol So. Today was an impromptu rest day! Still, I can’t be too upset with myself: I just ran a hella awesome race last Saturday and don’t really have anything set in stone as far as racing until, well, Boston. I know I want to pick up a couple shorter races and maaaaaaybe a half-marathon if I feel inspired and want to drop major cash on races. I’m lucky that the school is now fronting 100% of our registration fees for races now, but it only counts for New York state and the New England region and so won’t include any races I do while at home during my Family Med rotation later this month. 😦

Saturday, 10/15: 53ish minutes (6 miles) with Moira catching up about our weeks and our races last weekend (we hated not being able to run together this week because I was away!) before heading to pick up our friend Chelsea to watch our college team kill their races with some other alums! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through the next couple months without running with Moira while I’m away at home and on vacation!

Sunday, 10/16: Woof. Did not feel like running, but Phil dragged me along for 7 miles to the new Rail Trail and back. Which was great because it probably wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise!

Total = 33 miles

Sunday Runday: Week of 9/19

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I’m finally starting to feel good (i.e. not like I’m going to throw up) after a couple weeks of being sick and recovering from that awful bout of food poisoning! These are exciting times, people. Feeling pretty encouraged by my race on Saturday and excited for half-marathon #2 of the fall in two weeks!

Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday, 9/19: Well, first, I found out I was accepted into Boston! #woo! After my first day of Peds Genetics clinic, celebrated with a meh 8.25 miles with Moira. For whatever reason, we just haven’t been feeling it lately.

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🤗🤗🤗 #boston2017!

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Tuesday, 9/20: First workout in a long time, and it didn’t go so badly! 2 mile warm-up + 7 mile tempo on the treadmill (49:26; 7:04 pace) + 1 mile cool-down = 10 miles total. This was mentally really hard for me. I dreaded it all day and went into this workout anxious and afraid that I wouldn’t deliver. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well to prove to myself that Saturday’s upcoming race will go okay, which just stressed me out more! Still, in retrospect it wasn’t a bad workout. Sometimes you need to meet yourself where you are because you can’t change your circumstances.

Wednesday, 9/21: 9.25 miles with Moira at the end of her 20 miler! Girl finished her run out like a boss. I, on the other hand, fizzled because I was too freaking hungry halfway through. Like. What. My stomach just gets so sensitive sometimes and when I know there’s not going to be much time for digestion, I get scared of not having a good run…and then I don’t eat and have a bad run.

Thursday, 9/22: A slow 6.5 miles was exactly what my body needed. It’s been a long week running-wise, and it’s “taper”-ish time for the race on Saturday! Although Moira and I have been saying that you can’t really taper if you never really worked up to training all out to begin with…hehe

Friday, 9/23: My legs weren’t feeling as fresh as I wanted them to the day before a race, so shuffled a sloooooow 3 miles at legit 10-11 minute pace. I’m a big proponent of higher mileage over speed. The speed eventually comes with lots of miles!


Saturday, 9/24: Hogsback Half-Marathon Day! 1.5 mile WU + 13.1 mile race (PR of 1:34:07!) + 1.5 mile CD = 16 miles total for the day.

Sunday, 9/25: Off!

Total = 53 miles


Sunday Runday: Week of 9/12

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Monday, 9/12: 5 miles with Moira after my first day of Peds Endo clinic.

Tuesday, 9/135.5 miles. Still feeling sick. 😦

Wednesday, 9/14: 7.5 miles with Luke on the new Rail Trail. We drove to the start on South Pearl in Delmar to avoid most of the sketchiness and just did a little out and back route on the bike path. Was really nice catching up after several months!

Thursday, 9/158 miles (1:05:34). The first time feeling good in a loooong while! Loved the crisp air of this almost-fall morning!

Friday, 9/16: 2 mile warm-up + a poorly attempted 6 mile tempo at Lion’s Park (49:03; 8:11 pace) + 2 mile cool-down = 10 miles total.

BUT I did send in my application for Boston! 😀

Saturday, 9/17: Off while visiting Karly, a good friend from college, in Cooperstown!

Sunday, 9/18: 5 miles with Phil downtown.


Total = 41 miles


Sunday Runday: Weeks of 8/29 and 9/5

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This has been a rough two weeks for me running and work-wise. Inpatient peds has proven to have longer hours than I thought it would be, but the work has been fun and the residents I’ve worked with have been awesome! Oh, and the kiddos are adorable. For the most part. Wish I could say the same for all of the parents… 😉

The long Labor Day weekend had me sort of thrown off (why/how do I get so lazy at home?!), and then I got food poisoning on Tuesday this week, so I have not been the happiest camper lately. My body was not having it on Wednesday and Thursday, and since then, I’ve mostly felt fine doing daily activities, but totally wiped out when trying to run. Hopefully things will improve and I’ll be back to baseline this week.

Part of this blog  and my Instagram is accountability, so, here is what I did, embarassing as it is!

Week of 8/29

Monday, 8/29: 8.5 miles easy (1:16:53)

Tuesday, 8/30: 2.5 mile WU + attempted mile repeats, but only did one in 6:34 before getting lightheaded because I didn’t eat lunch + 1 mile CD. 4.5 miles total.

Wednesday, 8/31: 2 mile WU + 3 x mile (6:41, 6:34, 6:24) with 400 rest + 1 mile CD (total = 7 miles). Wasn’t terribly encouraged by this workout because I was hoping for three miles at or sub 6:25 which would have given me the confidence to go for a sub-20 at Saturday’s race. Ultimately decided to switch to the 10K because I am a chicken.

Thursday, 9/1: 6ish miles (57:16) at the last Albany Running Exchange’s Summer Trail Run Series of the summer with Moira and Tiffany, who joined us for the first loop. We mostly went to it because of the the food. And we like trails. 😀

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Is it just me or does running just bring out the kid in you?! Enjoyed an awesome 6ish miles (57:16) with @moiraleigh03 And @zany_t at the last #albanyrunningexchange summer #trailrun series of the summer! And then ate ALL the food at the BBQ! Can you say pecan pie?! I'm learning that this third year of #medschool is going to be a lot of learning how to work and interact with different people. With each passing day, I'm learning to find my voice, not feel self-conscious or dumb asking questions, and stand up for myself even when it feels uncomfortable. Because I've fought hard, and I'm meant to be here just as much as anyone else. Ultimately the awkward growing pains are going to make me a superstar doctor who can better care for her patients in the future and THAT is what it's all about, people! #medschoollife #medschoolproblems #medschooldiaries #oisellevolée #womensrunningcommunity #runshots #runnerscommunity #halfmarathontraining #hansonshalfmarathonmethod #mohawkhudsonhalfmarathon

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Friday, 9/2: Planned off day in anticipation of work + class + traveling back home to Merryland.

Saturday, 9/3: Ellicott City Labor Day Classic 10K in 43:46 (7:04 pace)

8 miles total for the day. Race recap here.


Sunday, 9/4: Off because I am lazy.

Total = 34 miles

Week of 9/5

Monday, 9/5: Off because I am super lazy.

Tuesday, 9/6: 4 miles (37:48) before work at 5:15AM.

Wednesday, 9/7: Off due to food poisoning beginning Tuesday night. I had to leave call early because I was throwing up. The rest of the night, I was running to the bathroom. It was awful.

Thursday, 9/8: Off due to food poisoning. I actually had to miss work because I was still feeling super sick from the night before. Phil brought me OJ, sesame seed bagels with butter (from my favorite, Uncommon Grounds!), lots of chicken noodle soup, saltines, and Gatorade because he is the sweetest.

Friday, 9/9: 4.5 miles (~43 minutes) nice and easy at the Cemetery with Phil. Stomach still hurting. Feeling fatigued in general, but celebrated my stomach finally being able to tolerate something besides clear soups and plain foods with burgers and fries at Burger Fi (our first time there!).

Saturday, 9/10: 4.5 miles (43:16) nice and easy at the Pine Bush. Still felt exceedingly tired despite getting decent sleep.


Sunday, 9/11: Off. With sign out at 6AM and a 14.5 hour shift ahead, there was almost no way I was going to get a run in. Marathon training me would be disgusted with my complacency, but given that I was still feeling pretty awful on my runs the past couple days, I’m excusing myself for one more day of laziness recovery.

Total = 13 miles 

#pathetic #screwyoufoodpoisoning #thismakesmeangrysoletsfreakingrunthisweek

Sunday Runday: Week of 8/22

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.17.30 PM.png

Such a hectic last week of my surgery rotation, but I still got some decent runs in most days! I haven’t been as rigid in my fall half-marathon training as I was training for the marathon last spring, but I think my (perhaps too) prolonged weeks of base-building (mostly just running an hour 6-7 days week) are actually paying off. I’m doing a sort of modified Hanson’s Half-Marathon Method, focusing more on speed work rather than strength work in the later weeks because I’d like to run a decent 5K this fall. I’m also trying to do longer tempo runs (the book only goes up to 7 miles at race pace) to give myself some more self-confidence going into my race.

If I continue to be diligent with my tempo runs and speed work each week, I think a decent half-marathon (maybe even 5K?!) PR may be on the horizon come October! I dare not utter my short-term and dream goals, but the more I run, the less and less scary those fast times seem and the more and more I get excited to continue to work towards them!

Here’s a rundown (ha, pun intended!) of last week:

Monday, 8/22: 6.25 miles in 57:34 (9:12 pace)

Tuesday, 8/23: 2.5 mile WU + 12 x 400 with 400 rest in 1:37, 1:34, 1:33, 1:31, 1:30, 1:29, 1:29, 1:28, 1:28, 1:27, 1:23 + 1 mile CD = 9.5 miles 

Each interval, it felt like my body just couldn’t move any faster, but it really came together on those last few! I was really proud of my mental strength during this one. Not so impressed with the local college’s men’s soccer team who liked to roam out into lane 1 while looking up at the clouds, totally unaware that I would absolutely ram into them if they continued to hog the public track…

Wednesday, 8/24: 9.5 miles in 1:30ish with Moira getting lost on the new Rail Trail! We also took, perhaps, the sketchiest route to get there, but at least now we know. 😛

Thursday, 8/25: Off (aka study my butt off for the Shelf exam!)

Friday, 8/26: 2.5 mile WU + 8 mile tempo  in 55:25 (average = 6:52 (!!!); 7:08, 7:04, 7:03, 6:57, 6:53, 6:49, 6:39, 6:18) on the treadmill + 2 mile CD outside = 12.5 miles

I was so proud of this workout! When it’s really hot out, it’s nearly impossible for me to move my body at the pace I want it to, so I’ve been doing my tempos on the treadmill. And by tempos, I mean the only two runs resembling tempo runs I’ve done over the last two weeks (last week was 7 miles at 7:03 pace!). And by last two weeks, I really mean over the last 5 months. It’s definitely a lot easier to hop on a treadmill and just run at the pace you set it to, but I’ve been pretty surprised at my fitness level. Hopefully it bodes well for my impending race! A good playlist doesn’t hurt either. 😀

Saturday, 8/27: Off (planned on sleeping in to recover from the 4:30-5:30AM wake-up calls during Surgery, but when you start your day at 11AM, it’s like the day is already over! Spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, and reorganizing my life! Totally ran out of time to run, but perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing because my mileage ended up being decently high this week).

Sunday, 8/28: Thacher Park Trail Running Festival Half-Marathon in 1:52:43 (8:35 pace)

This sneaky way of trying to get my long run in with other people ended up being really kind of stressful. The event is an excellent one, offering races of all distances: 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, and 50K, and the Albany Running Exchange always puts on a fun event. I should have known that it would have been a hilly race given the fact that, uh, it was at Thacher Park, and that I would have been alone most of the time given the previous years’ numbers, which was totally fine-ish…until I rolled my ankle around mile 10. I couldn’t walk at first and legit didn’t know what to do, but eventually was able to hobble along. Another runner passed me, not saying a word despite my obvious limping, but when I began running and passed him, he said, “Way to make a comeback!” :O  In the words of an adolescent JoJo, dude, you know, you’re just too little too late. I was hoping for 8:30 pace, but given the ankle fiasco, I happily accepted my second place female certificate-thing for an average 8:37 clip. Slash my friend picked it up for me and I didn’t actually accept it because I had to duck out early for a haircut. Oops.

I love getting lost in the woods when trail running, but every time something like this happens, I get really nervous about running in general, especially on the trails. Still, that’s not stopping me from going to the ARE’s last trail run of the summer next Thursday! Mostly because there’s a BBQ, and I like food a little too much.

Total = 51 miles (over only 5 days of running! How did that happen?!)