Sunday Runday: Week of 3/6 (Boston Training Week #12)


Monday, 3/6:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 8.01 miles in 1:19:50 (9:59 pace). Did not feel like running this morning at all. It was freezing, but I overdressed! :O

Tuesday, 3/7:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Strength 3 x 2 miles in 14:20-40 with 800 recovery  (marathon goal = 3:12-3:17))

What I Did:


3 mile warm-up

3 x 2 miles with 0.5 mile recovery in 14:31 (7:18, 7:13), 14:21 (7:14, 7:07), 13:57 (7:11, 6:46)

2ish mile cool-down

12.18 miles total

PM: 4.50 miles in 40:31 (9:01 pace) with Moira. Bonked haaaaaaard. :O

16.68 miles total for the day

Wednesday, 3/8:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did: Flexibility hot yoga with Laura, my future mother-in-law. My hamstrings hated it during it, but it was exactly what they needed!

Thursday, 3/9:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 9 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did:

3.15 mile warm-up

9 mile tempo in 1:04:15 (7:08 pace; 7:40, 7:22, 7:06, 6:59, 7:12, 7:02, 6:57, 7:00, 6:52)

3.20 mile cool-down

15.35 miles total

Felt surprisingly awesome on the run! Took me a mile to really get on pace, but I ran according to feel and nailed it!

Friday, 3/10: 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 7 miles)

What I Did: 7.44 miles in 1:14:46 (10:03 pace)

Saturday, 3/11:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 6.01 miles in 1:01:55 (10:18 pace) before Pre-Cana with Phil. So much cold!

Sunday, 3/12:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Long 16 miles)

What I Did: Debated running the half-marathon I had registered for all week, but ultimately decided against it in order to see Wicked with Phil (a super nice Christmas present from his parents!). The show was at 1PM which was inconvenient in and of itself and it was going to be 15 degrees warmer (i.e. real feel of 12 degrees vs. like -5 degrees) in the afternoon, so I opted to run then. Luckily Fiona had been in Lake Placid where it was even colder and hadn’t run yet, so she met up with me to run 8 of my 18 mile long run with me (I think I ran like 3.5 by myself-we were moooving beause we were cold)! 18.04 miles in a blazinnnn 2:23:57 (7:58 average; 8:28, 8:08, 8:07, 8:15, 8:12, 8:06, 8:05, 7:51, 7:54, 7:49, 7:36, 8:06, 7:52, 7:52, 8:06, 7:55, 7:47, 7:26). Really happy with this run and can’t believe I dreaded it all week. Highly recommend the Zim Smith Trail if you’re in the area-the gravel was a great break for these legs!

Total Weekly Mileage = 71.53 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 647.21 miles


Sunday Runday: Week of 2/20 (Boston Training Week #10)


Monday, 2/20:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: Pre-work 8.08 miles (1:24:47; 10:29 pace) felt like death. I thought about turning back home a million and one times…and talked myself out of it a million and one times! 😛 Also got in 90 minutes of Bikram after work and my muscles feel awesome!

Tuesday, 2/21:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Strength 6 x 1 mile with 400 recovery (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did:

AM: 3.20 miles in 32:12 (10:03 pace); Legs felt a MILLION times better than yesterday, but still a little dead. Contemplated what would happen if I was totally burned out with Boston in 8 weeks. :O

PM: Strength Workout

1.48 mile warm-up

6 x 1 mile on the track at UAlbany. There was still some ice/snow on the track so I spent a lot of my 24 laps on the track weaving in and out of lanes, but for some reason, my watch would record a mile split on my final straightaway each time, i.e. before I hit four laps. I’m not really sure which times are correct, but I’m going to go with the slower ones so I don’t get too cocky, but here are my times for future record, in the following format: time at 4 laps (mile split on watch):

7:08 (7:03)

6:56 (6:40)

6:57 (6:38)

6:56 (6:45)

6:58 (6:40)

6:51 (6:39)

1ish mile cool-down

10.38 miles total

My body felt good, but the conditions weren’t ideal and my stomach really began to bother me towards the end.

13.58 miles total for the day

Wednesday, 2/22:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did: Flexibility hot yoga class. #holytightmuscles!

Thursday, 2/23:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 8 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did:

2.71 mile warm-up

8 mile tempo in 58:26 (7:18 pace; 7:51, 7:32, 7:18, 7:06, 7:19, 7:10, 7:12, 6:55)

2.52 mile cool-down

13.24 miles total

Friday, 2/24: 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 7 miles)

What I Did: 7.05 miles with Luke at the Pine Bush (1:01:18; 8:41 pace)

Saturday, 2/25:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: Moved my long run up a day early so I could run in Saratoga, a place I’ve wanted to run for a while with Fiona! Did my first 6.5ish by myself before Fiona met up for 10 more followed by brunch to make for such a lovely day! 17.07 miles total in 2:21:34 (8:17 pace; 8:36, 8:03, 8:00, 8:07, 7:59, 8:15, 8:46, 8:18, 8:14, 8:32, 8:19, 8:13, 8:14, 8:41, 8:40, 8:08, 7:49). My legs felt awesome towards the start, so much so that I had to force myself to more consciously control my stride at 8 minute pace, but I fizzled a bit for miles 14 and 15. I’ve gotta get a better handle on nutrition the night before and during runs. My last minute Powerbar Gels I grabbed from the depths of my pantry were definitelyyyy expired… 😛

Sunday, 2/26:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Long 16 miles)

What I Did: 7 miles in 1:07:07 (9:35 pace) at Hampton Manor Town Park…which I do not recommend for running. I went to flexibility hot yoga class after at a different location than I usually do and because I was headed to East Greenbush anyway, I thought I’d check out a spot that was recommended by the local newspaper for running. I made it work with running out on the main road and then getting some killer hills in, but I won’t probably go there again.

"Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together. Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled or rifled by the endless stresses and struggles of life. Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom you may not have known even existed."-BKS Iyengar ••• Day 70/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Not a yogi by any means, but I've really enjoyed the classes I've been going to this week and wish I usually had this much time to focus on stretching, reflection, and self-care. Also, substitute running for yoga, and the quote works beautifully! 7 windy, snow flurrying shake-out miles with some hills + flexibility hot yoga class. 66 miles total this week. 🙆🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🌪

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Total Weekly Mileage = 66.02 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 517.86 miles

Sunday Runday: Week of 2/13 (Boston Training Week #9)


Monday, 2/13:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 6 miles, mostly on the treadmill. Ugh.

Day 57/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Was daydreaming of frolicking in the snow my entire run on the #dreadmill. Also spent the whole 4.5 miles (6 miles total with a snowy warm-up and cool-down to and from the gym) toggling between a simulated run through New Zealand, two different running podcasts, attempts at watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on my phone, one of my fave Aly & AJ CDs circa 2007, and Say Yes to the Dress reruns. AND I was STILL bored out of my mind. We just got hit with a tooooon of snow this weekend, so looks like it's going to be a long week of running inside. 😐 Still, I'm happy to be able to run and work towards my goals each day! 🏃🏻‍♀️ Anyone else got any other good games to play on the treadmill? 😏

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Tuesday, 2/14:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Speed 3 x 1600 in 6:20-6:30 with 600 recovery (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did: 3 x mile in 6:27, 6:23, 6:15 on the treadmill with 800 recovery. 9 miles total.

Wednesday, 2/15:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did: Swam! And didn’t get ear plugs stuck in my ears again!

Thursday, 2/16:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 8 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did: Was not into today’s run in the slightest. I clawed and fought for it, but really need to adjust my mindset when it comes to tempo runs in general. I’ve been running them WAY too fast, and it’s really hurting me mentally. 😦

8 mile tempo in 58:10 (7:16 pace; 7:11, 7:13, 7:19, 7:15, 7:18, 7:18, 7:18, 7:13). 12.56 miles total.

Day 60/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: I like to keep this Instagram a positive space, but I run by "Fat One" spray painted on the sidewalk at least once a day and I absolutely HATE it. – Dying on my #hansonsmarathonmethod #temporun, I found my mind overflowing with negative self-talk. I can blame poorly thought out nutrition, lack of sleep, and a terrible playlist, but ultimately it comes down to being more realistic about my goals. Just because I CAN run 7-8 miles at sub 7 minute pace doesn't mean I can run a marathon (or half-marathon!) or should attempt to do weekly tempo runs at that same pace. Reevaluating how to set myself up for success on these scary tempo runs in the coming weeks and giving myself some serious pep talks before I attempt some hard workouts again next week. Like, "Fat One" to "FaSt One"! 😉🏃🏻‍♀️💨 – 8 miles in 58:10 (7:16 pace) with short breaks at miles 4 and 6 // 11.5 miles total

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Friday, 2/17: 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: Triple workout today! :O I love our Psychiatry schedule! 😛

#1: 6 miles in 1:02:08 (10:21 pace)

#2: 4.06 miles in 38:12 (9:25) pace, mostly because I wanted to take the new GoPro out for a spin. 😀

#3: 60 minute Bikram Hot Yoga Class. Thank God it was cut down from its usual 90 minutes-I don’t think I could have lasted another half hour!

10.06 miles total

Saturday, 2/18:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 10 miles)

What I Did: 8.03 miles at the Pine Bush in 1:23:36 (10:25 pace), which is actually a lot faster than I would have thought given those melty snowy conditions!

Sunday, 2/19:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 10 miles)

What I Did: 12.65 miles in 1:55:08 (9:06 pace) from Colonie Center to the Crossings to Siena and back! Was so happy to be running somewhere different than just around my neighborhood in Albany!

Total Weekly Mileage = 57.15 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 451.84 miles

Sunday Runday: Week of 2/6 (Boston Training Week #8)


More training log catch up…

Admittedly, I lost my mind a bit this week (last week of OB). It’s a wonder I made it through AND finished almost all of my training.

Monday, 2/6:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 7.18 miles in 1:13:55 (10:18 pace)

Tuesday, 2/7:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Speed 6 x 800 in 3:10-15 with 400 recovery (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did: 8.02 miles in 1:20:36 (10:03 pace). I wanted to wait until the weekend to get my hardest workout (tempo run) in, so I shifted my workouts a bit to make sure that I only got one day rest between the tempo run and speed day.

Wednesday, 2/8:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did:

2 mile warm-up

6 x 800 in 3:16, 3:10, 3:10, 3:07, 3:06, 3:03 with 400 rest

1.5ish mile cool-down

8.07 miles total

"And I think people make the mistake of thinking that just because something is a hobby means that you shouldn't prioritize those things."-wise words from @ktanoninstagram, #oisellevolée Sister Bird, on the @dizruns podcast ••• Day 52/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: The transition from workouts on the treadmill to the track and roads ain't gonna be pretty. BUT I had this awesome realization when I was dying on the windy homestretch halfway through my speed workout that if I was going to spend the precious time running instead of studying for my exam on Friday, I better do it right! 6 x 800 (goal = 3:10-15; 3:16, 3:10, 3:10, 3:07, 3:06, 3:03) and 8 miles total for the day. #thefasteryourunthefasteryouredone?

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Thursday, 2/9:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 8 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did: OFF

Friday, 2/10: 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 7 miles)

What I Did: 8 mile tempo run on the treadmill in 56:17 (7:02 pace; 7:13, 7:13, 7:08, 7:03, 7:00, 6:57, 6:56, 6:40) with a break at mile 6 for GI issues. :/ 11.12 miles total

This week @oiselle asked, "What is #runlove?" 🏃🏻‍♀️❤️ It's the crack of dawn alarm you don't snooze. It's the calming rhythm of feet echoing through quiet streets before the world wakes up. It's the post-work, I'd-rather-be-sleeping dodging of cars in the winter dark. It's the loud, disinhibited conversations about the joyous and angry and all the in between moments only miles shared with friends can provoke. It's the carefree feeling, like a kid, exploring old trails and new gems in my own backyard. It's the ecstasy, that so-called "runner's high," of a nailing a tough workout or solid long run. It's the nagging frustration of injury and the long, painful road to recovery that must accompany it. It's the inhalation of fresh air, full of optimism, hope, and possibility. It's the exhalation of stress, anxieties, shortcomings, and disappointment. It's the flat out rejection of the notion of an ideal body weight or size. It's the celebration of what my body has done and the humble daydreaming of what it has the potential to do. It's the deep-rooted connection and mutual understanding with the stranger I cross paths with on the street and on the Internet. It's the simple recentering of and opportunity to reflect on a (too) busy life. It's prayer. It's the thing I look forward to each day. It's one of the loveliest loves of my life. ••• Day 54/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Sleep-deprived, hangry, post-OB/GYN shelf exam 8 mile #temporun on the treadmill went surprisingly well (56:17; 7:02 pace!) despite a quick and necessary break at mile 6. If you catch my drift. 💩 #TMI? #sorrynotsorry #keepingitreal

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Saturday, 2/11:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 8.27 miles in 1:25:26 (10:20 pace)

Sunday, 2/12:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Long 15 miles)

What I Did: 11.21 miles in 1:36:48 (8:38 pace). Did NOT beat the snow. I slept in too late and really should have gotten up earlier to get my run in before it really began to snow, but I was tired from my long week!

I did get to try snowshoeing for the first time, though, thanks to all the snow we got! 2.5ish miles with Tiffany at Five Rivers.

Total Weekly Mileage = 53.87 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 394.69 miles

Sunday Runday: Week of 1/16 (Boston Training Week #5)


Monday, 1/16:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 7.58 miles in 1:16:07 (10:02 pace). My legs felt totally trashed after yesterday’s run, so I was surprised that I wanted to get out there today (except our loooong work day that felt like SUCH a Monday makes it less surprising).

Tuesday, 1/17:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Speed 4 x 1200 in 4:42-4:50 (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did: Didn’t feel as strong as I wish I could on this run, but in retrospect my paces were pretty good: 6:08-6:25!

1.8 mile warm-up

4 x 0.75 miles with 0.25 miles rest on treadmill: 4:49, 4:45, 4:37, 4:36 (skipped last 0.25 rest because I was readyyyy to get off that darn treadmill!)

2.53 mile cool-down

8.08 miles total

Wednesday, 1/18:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did: OFF

Thursday, 1/19:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 7 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did:

2.15 mile warm-up

7 mile tempo in 48:27 (6:55 pace; 7:07, 7:06, 7:03, 6:56, 6:53, 6:50, 6:28)

3.41 mile cool-down

12.56 miles total

Friday, 1/20: 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 6.18 miles in 1:03:58 (10:21 pace). Friday runs are always the toughest after a long week of hard runs! Got out a little late due to an emergency c-section, but what a way to end the OB portion of this rotation!

Saturday, 1/21:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 10 miles)

What I Did: 10.07 miles in 1:27:52 (8:43 pace). Got in 4ish miles on my own, then did the last 6 with Fiona (@adktrigirl), which was the first time meeting her! Ran substantially faster with her than on my own (was rocking the 9:30-10 minute pace, then ran 8:18, 8:24, 8:24, 8:06, 8:06, 8:02 with Fiona LOL), but legs felt okay!

Sunday, 1/22:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: Got ditched by my friend Luke and re-planned to run with Phil who also ditched me for more sleep, so did this one solo! Whenever I run by myself, I’m pretty sure I just default to a slower pace: 8.50 miles in 1:23:46 (9:51 pace).

Total Weekly Mileage = 52.89 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 236 miles

Sunday Runday: Week of 12/26 (Boston Training Week #2)


Monday, 12/26:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 6.26 miles (59:28; 9:30 pace) around the neighborhood. This was the run that I put off all day, then ate too much, then wanted to do even less…but we got it done!

Tuesday, 12/27:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Speed 8 x 600 in 2:21-2:25 (5k goal of 19:30-20:00) with 400 rest)

What I Did: These speed workouts drive me crazy! They are so much faster than my body is used to moving and scare me like nothing else (LOL wait until we start these tempo runs this week…), but with each one I do complete successfully, I grow more and more confident in my running. I went to a rival high school’s track today that is actually MUCH closer than my own high school’s track. I definitely took all of the paths we could run on for granted in high school-this one is kind of in the middle of nowhere and I couldn’t find a great road off-camps to warm-up or cool-down on. The track team convened for their practice around my third interval. I’m not sure what the etiquette is for track sharing, but I was so far in, I wasn’t going to let them scare me off…this time. 😛

2.17 mile warm-up

8 x 600 with 400 rest in 2:30, 2:25,2:22, 2:24, 2:23, 2:22, 2:21, 2:16

1.18 mile cool-down

8.35 miles total

"Each day running is my tiny victory, some days it’s my big victory. Running is my way of establishing equilibrium in my life. When I am lonely, I find others to share sweaty moments with, when I am overwhelmed I take solace in the miles I can run by myself. It has helped me discover strength I previously thought unfathomable, and truly appreciate the miracle the is the human body."-@rdmurillo ••• Day 9/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Not sure what track sharing etiquette is, but when the high school track team joined me halfway through my workout for their practice, I kept at it. They were just warming up and I stayed out of their way, but was I supposed to move? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Worked down my 8 x 600 from 2:30 down to 2:16 (goal = 2:21-2:25) for 8 miles total today! #thunderthighs! #inthebestway! #irunthisbody

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Wednesday, 12/28:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did: Rest Day

Thursday, 12/29:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 6 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did: Was nervous about this first tempo run of Boston training, but rocked it! The first couple miles felt pretty easy, so I decided to add on a hillier section to the normal path around the lake at the park, which was definitely reflected in miles 3 and 4. This was definitely a good effort, but I remember my tempo runs feeling a lot more difficult when I was training for the Shamrock Marathon last spring. I’m not sure if that means I need to reevaluate my expectations/goals for Boston or if it’s just a sign I’m in pretty good shape, but I definitely need to thumb through my Hanson’s book again for some guidance. I want to try to incorporate more hills into my training this time around to prepare for the hills in Boston, and this was a good start!

2.21 mile warm-up

6 mile tempo run in 43:41 (7:16 pace): 7:35, 7:17, 7:20, 7:37, 7:07, 6:40

1.84 mile cool-down

10.05 miles total 

Friday, 12/30:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 7 miles)

What I Did: Driving back to school kept getting delayed by weather and changing plans, but finally drove back today! Got in a painful, super easy 7.14 miles in 1:13:15 (10:16 pace) before driving back.

Saturday, 12/31:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: Really should have planned by week better because I left two runs for a weekend of traveling! :/ But you work with what you got, and still got 6.21 miles in 55:21 (8:54 pace-we started off QUICK…and then fizzled away) in with Phil at the awesome Juniper Valley Park in Queens, a quick mile or so from Phil’s cousins’ house.


Sunday, 1/1:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Long 10 miles)

What I Did: Was not looking forward to 10 miles after a night of staying up late! After church, we took our run from Phil’s cousins’ in Queens allllll the way to Central Park (through sketchy areas and awesome bridges and paths alike!) to total 10 miles in 1:33:49 (9:23 pace). Something was funky with my watch because it had one low 8ish minute and two sub-8 minute miles, which is a little hard to believe. My long runs are supposed to be much quicker (8:05 pace), which was my tempo pace last training cycle and something that’s going to take some work and mental strength to get myself to! I’m not sure I could have pushed myself with the way my legs were feeling (i.e. not so great), and  I was also with Phil who was getting kinda grumpy and hungry. We lost a little momentum at the end, but I’m proud of him for getting it done!


Total Weekly Mileage = 48.01 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 92.19 miles

Sunday Runday: Weeks of 8/29 and 9/5

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.17.30 PM

This has been a rough two weeks for me running and work-wise. Inpatient peds has proven to have longer hours than I thought it would be, but the work has been fun and the residents I’ve worked with have been awesome! Oh, and the kiddos are adorable. For the most part. Wish I could say the same for all of the parents… 😉

The long Labor Day weekend had me sort of thrown off (why/how do I get so lazy at home?!), and then I got food poisoning on Tuesday this week, so I have not been the happiest camper lately. My body was not having it on Wednesday and Thursday, and since then, I’ve mostly felt fine doing daily activities, but totally wiped out when trying to run. Hopefully things will improve and I’ll be back to baseline this week.

Part of this blog  and my Instagram is accountability, so, here is what I did, embarassing as it is!

Week of 8/29

Monday, 8/29: 8.5 miles easy (1:16:53)

Tuesday, 8/30: 2.5 mile WU + attempted mile repeats, but only did one in 6:34 before getting lightheaded because I didn’t eat lunch + 1 mile CD. 4.5 miles total.

Wednesday, 8/31: 2 mile WU + 3 x mile (6:41, 6:34, 6:24) with 400 rest + 1 mile CD (total = 7 miles). Wasn’t terribly encouraged by this workout because I was hoping for three miles at or sub 6:25 which would have given me the confidence to go for a sub-20 at Saturday’s race. Ultimately decided to switch to the 10K because I am a chicken.

Thursday, 9/1: 6ish miles (57:16) at the last Albany Running Exchange’s Summer Trail Run Series of the summer with Moira and Tiffany, who joined us for the first loop. We mostly went to it because of the the food. And we like trails. 😀

Is it just me or does running just bring out the kid in you?! Enjoyed an awesome 6ish miles (57:16) with @moiraleigh03 And @zany_t at the last #albanyrunningexchange summer #trailrun series of the summer! And then ate ALL the food at the BBQ! Can you say pecan pie?! I'm learning that this third year of #medschool is going to be a lot of learning how to work and interact with different people. With each passing day, I'm learning to find my voice, not feel self-conscious or dumb asking questions, and stand up for myself even when it feels uncomfortable. Because I've fought hard, and I'm meant to be here just as much as anyone else. Ultimately the awkward growing pains are going to make me a superstar doctor who can better care for her patients in the future and THAT is what it's all about, people! #medschoollife #medschoolproblems #medschooldiaries #oisellevolée #womensrunningcommunity #runshots #runnerscommunity #halfmarathontraining #hansonshalfmarathonmethod #mohawkhudsonhalfmarathon

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Friday, 9/2: Planned off day in anticipation of work + class + traveling back home to Merryland.

Saturday, 9/3: Ellicott City Labor Day Classic 10K in 43:46 (7:04 pace)

8 miles total for the day. Race recap here.


Sunday, 9/4: Off because I am lazy.

Total = 34 miles

Week of 9/5

Monday, 9/5: Off because I am super lazy.

Tuesday, 9/6: 4 miles (37:48) before work at 5:15AM.

Wednesday, 9/7: Off due to food poisoning beginning Tuesday night. I had to leave call early because I was throwing up. The rest of the night, I was running to the bathroom. It was awful.

Thursday, 9/8: Off due to food poisoning. I actually had to miss work because I was still feeling super sick from the night before. Phil brought me OJ, sesame seed bagels with butter (from my favorite, Uncommon Grounds!), lots of chicken noodle soup, saltines, and Gatorade because he is the sweetest.

Friday, 9/9: 4.5 miles (~43 minutes) nice and easy at the Cemetery with Phil. Stomach still hurting. Feeling fatigued in general, but celebrated my stomach finally being able to tolerate something besides clear soups and plain foods with burgers and fries at Burger Fi (our first time there!).

Saturday, 9/10: 4.5 miles (43:16) nice and easy at the Pine Bush. Still felt exceedingly tired despite getting decent sleep.


Sunday, 9/11: Off. With sign out at 6AM and a 14.5 hour shift ahead, there was almost no way I was going to get a run in. Marathon training me would be disgusted with my complacency, but given that I was still feeling pretty awful on my runs the past couple days, I’m excusing myself for one more day of laziness recovery.

Total = 13 miles 

#pathetic #screwyoufoodpoisoning #thismakesmeangrysoletsfreakingrunthisweek