Sunday Runday: Weeks of 8/29 and 9/5

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This has been a rough two weeks for me running and work-wise. Inpatient peds has proven to have longer hours than I thought it would be, but the work has been fun and the residents I’ve worked with have been awesome! Oh, and the kiddos are adorable. For the most part. Wish I could say the same for all of the parents… 😉

The long Labor Day weekend had me sort of thrown off (why/how do I get so lazy at home?!), and then I got food poisoning on Tuesday this week, so I have not been the happiest camper lately. My body was not having it on Wednesday and Thursday, and since then, I’ve mostly felt fine doing daily activities, but totally wiped out when trying to run. Hopefully things will improve and I’ll be back to baseline this week.

Part of this blog  and my Instagram is accountability, so, here is what I did, embarassing as it is!

Week of 8/29

Monday, 8/29: 8.5 miles easy (1:16:53)

Tuesday, 8/30: 2.5 mile WU + attempted mile repeats, but only did one in 6:34 before getting lightheaded because I didn’t eat lunch + 1 mile CD. 4.5 miles total.

Wednesday, 8/31: 2 mile WU + 3 x mile (6:41, 6:34, 6:24) with 400 rest + 1 mile CD (total = 7 miles). Wasn’t terribly encouraged by this workout because I was hoping for three miles at or sub 6:25 which would have given me the confidence to go for a sub-20 at Saturday’s race. Ultimately decided to switch to the 10K because I am a chicken.

Thursday, 9/1: 6ish miles (57:16) at the last Albany Running Exchange’s Summer Trail Run Series of the summer with Moira and Tiffany, who joined us for the first loop. We mostly went to it because of the the food. And we like trails. 😀

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Is it just me or does running just bring out the kid in you?! Enjoyed an awesome 6ish miles (57:16) with @moiraleigh03 And @zany_t at the last #albanyrunningexchange summer #trailrun series of the summer! And then ate ALL the food at the BBQ! Can you say pecan pie?! I'm learning that this third year of #medschool is going to be a lot of learning how to work and interact with different people. With each passing day, I'm learning to find my voice, not feel self-conscious or dumb asking questions, and stand up for myself even when it feels uncomfortable. Because I've fought hard, and I'm meant to be here just as much as anyone else. Ultimately the awkward growing pains are going to make me a superstar doctor who can better care for her patients in the future and THAT is what it's all about, people! #medschoollife #medschoolproblems #medschooldiaries #oisellevolée #womensrunningcommunity #runshots #runnerscommunity #halfmarathontraining #hansonshalfmarathonmethod #mohawkhudsonhalfmarathon

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Friday, 9/2: Planned off day in anticipation of work + class + traveling back home to Merryland.

Saturday, 9/3: Ellicott City Labor Day Classic 10K in 43:46 (7:04 pace)

8 miles total for the day. Race recap here.


Sunday, 9/4: Off because I am lazy.

Total = 34 miles

Week of 9/5

Monday, 9/5: Off because I am super lazy.

Tuesday, 9/6: 4 miles (37:48) before work at 5:15AM.

Wednesday, 9/7: Off due to food poisoning beginning Tuesday night. I had to leave call early because I was throwing up. The rest of the night, I was running to the bathroom. It was awful.

Thursday, 9/8: Off due to food poisoning. I actually had to miss work because I was still feeling super sick from the night before. Phil brought me OJ, sesame seed bagels with butter (from my favorite, Uncommon Grounds!), lots of chicken noodle soup, saltines, and Gatorade because he is the sweetest.

Friday, 9/9: 4.5 miles (~43 minutes) nice and easy at the Cemetery with Phil. Stomach still hurting. Feeling fatigued in general, but celebrated my stomach finally being able to tolerate something besides clear soups and plain foods with burgers and fries at Burger Fi (our first time there!).

Saturday, 9/10: 4.5 miles (43:16) nice and easy at the Pine Bush. Still felt exceedingly tired despite getting decent sleep.


Sunday, 9/11: Off. With sign out at 6AM and a 14.5 hour shift ahead, there was almost no way I was going to get a run in. Marathon training me would be disgusted with my complacency, but given that I was still feeling pretty awful on my runs the past couple days, I’m excusing myself for one more day of laziness recovery.

Total = 13 miles 

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