Sunday Runday: Week of 2/6 (Boston Training Week #8)


More training log catch up…

Admittedly, I lost my mind a bit this week (last week of OB). It’s a wonder I made it through AND finished almost all of my training.

Monday, 2/6:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 7.18 miles in 1:13:55 (10:18 pace)

Tuesday, 2/7:

(What I Was Supposed to Do:Β Speed 6 x 800 in 3:10-15 with 400Β recoveryΒ (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did: 8.02 miles in 1:20:36 (10:03 pace). I wanted to wait until the weekend to get my hardest workout (tempo run) in, so I shifted my workouts a bit to make sure that I only got one day rest between the tempo run and speed day.

Wednesday, 2/8:

(What I Was Supposed to Do:Β OFF)

What I Did:

2 mile warm-up

6 x 800 in 3:16, 3:10, 3:10, 3:07, 3:06, 3:03 with 400 rest

1.5ish mile cool-down

8.07 miles total

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"And I think people make the mistake of thinking that just because something is a hobby means that you shouldn't prioritize those things."-wise words from @ktanoninstagram, #oisellevolΓ©e Sister Bird, on the @dizruns podcast β€’β€’β€’ Day 52/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: The transition from workouts on the treadmill to the track and roads ain't gonna be pretty. BUT I had this awesome realization when I was dying on the windy homestretch halfway through my speed workout that if I was going to spend the precious time running instead of studying for my exam on Friday, I better do it right! 6 x 800 (goal = 3:10-15; 3:16, 3:10, 3:10, 3:07, 3:06, 3:03) and 8 miles total for the day. #thefasteryourunthefasteryouredone?

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Thursday, 2/9:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 8 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did: OFF

Friday, 2/10:Β 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 7 miles)

What I Did: 8 mile tempo run on the treadmill in 56:17 (7:02 pace; 7:13, 7:13, 7:08, 7:03, 7:00, 6:57, 6:56, 6:40) with a break at mile 6 for GI issues. :/ 11.12 miles total

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This week @oiselle asked, "What is #runlove?" πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈβ€οΈ It's the crack of dawn alarm you don't snooze. It's the calming rhythm of feet echoing through quiet streets before the world wakes up. It's the post-work, I'd-rather-be-sleeping dodging of cars in the winter dark. It's the loud, disinhibited conversations about the joyous and angry and all the in between moments only miles shared with friends can provoke. It's the carefree feeling, like a kid, exploring old trails and new gems in my own backyard. It's the ecstasy, that so-called "runner's high," of a nailing a tough workout or solid long run. It's the nagging frustration of injury and the long, painful road to recovery that must accompany it. It's the inhalation of fresh air, full of optimism, hope, and possibility. It's the exhalation of stress, anxieties, shortcomings, and disappointment. It's the flat out rejection of the notion of an ideal body weight or size. It's the celebration of what my body has done and the humble daydreaming of what it has the potential to do. It's the deep-rooted connection and mutual understanding with the stranger I cross paths with on the street and on the Internet. It's the simple recentering of and opportunity to reflect on a (too) busy life. It's prayer. It's the thing I look forward to each day. It's one of the loveliest loves of my life. β€’β€’β€’ Day 54/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Sleep-deprived, hangry, post-OB/GYN shelf exam 8 mile #temporun on the treadmill went surprisingly well (56:17; 7:02 pace!) despite a quick and necessary break at mile 6. If you catch my drift. πŸ’© #TMI? #sorrynotsorry #keepingitreal

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Saturday, 2/11:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 8.27 miles in 1:25:26 (10:20 pace)

Sunday, 2/12:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Long 15 miles)

What I Did: 11.21 miles in 1:36:48 (8:38 pace). Did NOT beat the snow. I slept in too late and really should have gotten up earlier to get my run in before it really began to snow, but I was tired from my long week!

I did get to try snowshoeing for the first time, though, thanks to all the snow we got! 2.5ish miles with Tiffany at Five Rivers.

Total Weekly Mileage = 53.87 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 394.69 miles


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