Sunday Runday: Week of 1/30 (Boston Training Week #7)


Still playing catch up on the training log. I guess the long hours on OB really threw me off! I regret not being more on top of posting about my daily training because I only post a snippet of it on Instagram and now, obviously, I don’t remember what was going on in my head/how my body felt three weeks ago. But, alas, hopefully I’ll learn from this!

Monday, 1/30:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 7.63 miles in 1:18:18 (10:16 pace) before night float shift #2. :O

Tuesday, 1/31:

(What I Was Supposed to Do:Β Speed 3 x 1600 in 6:20-6:30 with 600 recoveryΒ (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did: Swam 2150 yards in 35:31 (1:39/100 yd). I think IΒ made the choice to only do one workout this week because of the crazy night float scheduling, so I skipped my speed workout this week.

Wednesday, 2/1:

(What I Was Supposed to Do:Β OFF)

What I Did: 2.30 delirious miles (22:19; 9:43 pace) with Moira after the longest day of my life!

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Day 45/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: A busy last night float shift (Foley balloons for induction of labor and magnesium prophylaxis for preeclampsia galore + a crazay middle of the night c-section for HELLP syndrome) ➑️ 2 hour power nap ➑️ reviewing for THREE different presentations this afternoon ➑️ 6 hours of class ➑️ 2.5 mile catch-up run sesh with @moiraleigh03. πŸŒƒπŸ‘ΆπŸ›ŒπŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš•οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ β€’β€’β€’ Pretty amazed I made it through the past few days still with a smile on my face, thanks mostly to the diligent, kind, and rockstar team I was working with! Had to compromise on my workouts a bit, but I'm proud I still got some miles under my legs everyday. Flexibility is essential in this field and with #marathontraining, and tomorrow is a new day. Now, bring on the 4 day weekend! ✌️

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Thursday, 2/2:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 7 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did: Not a great day for me (see below). 7.14 miles.

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Day 46/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Not my most favorite day. Our local track has been closed the past week, so I drove to the nearby university's track to tackle my speed workout only to find it was iced over. After failing miserably at maintaining 5k pace on the path looping around campus, I compromised for marathon tempo pace, which also didn't go over so well. So basically, I ended up doing 7 miles easy…before finding out my @gopro was stolen. 😐😐😐 β€’β€’β€’ I never would have spent so much money on a little toy camera, but I won mine in a raffle while volunteering at a St. Baldrick's event a couple years ago. Trying to decide whether I should buy a new GoPro or not sparked a great conversation with my fiancΓ© about why I even have a running Instagram in the first place. Is it self-promotion? Racking up likes? Gaining followers? I was disgusted with myself for a hot sec until I realized those things are NOT my main motivation. Like anyone, I can get distracted by the numbers, but what I LOVE about this little "square" community is 1) the connections with inspiring runners and people in the medical field I've made, 2) having a creative space to post fun pics and my reflections on school and running each day, and 3) the opportunity to share the feasibility of balancing a busy and productive work life with competitive recreational running. I would run out of fingers and toes counting the runner friends I've "met" on Insta before logging miles with in person and fellow students who have told me I'm not the only one struggling (and occasionally thriving πŸ™‚) in grad school. For these reasons, I'll keep enjoying Insta…even if the pictures require a bit more creativity while I save up some cash for a new camera! πŸ˜‰ Happy Thursday, friends! May we always remember that things are just things and what really matters is our relationships with others. πŸ’•

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Friday, 2/3:Β 

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: Did my tempo run outside:

3.10 mile warm-up

7 mile tempo run in 51:17 (7:19 pace; 7:22, 7:28, 7:16, 7:16, 7:16, 7:14, 7:20)

2.70 mile cool-down

12.81 miles total

Saturday, 2/4:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 10 miles)

What I Did: 11.13 miles total (9:05ish pace) as part of the ARE’s Pancake Run with Tiffany and Yaowei!

Sunday, 2/5:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 10 miles)

What I Did: 10.39 miles (1:31:11; 8:46 pace) with lots of Sister Birds for a bRUNch hosted by Rachael Austin! Running with friends this weekend was exactly what I needed.

Total Weekly Mileage = 51.6Β miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 340.82Β miles


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