Sunday Runday: Week of 1/2 (Boston Training Week #3)


Monday, 1/2:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 6.43 miles easy in 1:05:26 (10:10 pace)-I ran a lot on some packed snow around Buckingham Lake, which didn’t help me run a faster pace. πŸ˜› Legs are definitely starting to feel the mileage already, but it’s nice to have four whole non-“workout workout” days before Tuesday speedwork tomorrow! Also fell a ton and gave my legs a workout while attempting to ski today. :O

Tuesday, 1/3:

(What I Was Supposed to Do:Β Speed 6 x 800 in 3:10-15 (5k goal of 19:30-20:00))

What I Did: Holy moley. This workout kicked my butt. My appetite has been really lame lately (this always seems to happen when I kick my training in high gear for some reason :/ ) and definitely have not been eating foods that are good for me or nutritious, and honestly, probably not enough food in general. My stomach was bothering me since I woke up, so I ate bland foods (i.e. two bagels and two bananas for breakfast and lunch), but it was still not great when I stepped on the treadmill after orientation for our first day of OB. I got cramps by the fourth interval and was making pained faces up the wazoo, but I magically got it done!

2.5 mile warm-up

6 x 0.5 miles with 0.25 mile rest on treadmill: 3:12, 3:11, 3:04, 3:06, 3:02, 2:58

1.5 mile cool-down

8.5 miles total

Β I’m anticipating a LOT of treadmill running over the next 6 weeks because of limited sunlight in the winter time and our hours are 6-5 or 6 each day. We also have half a week of night float which should be…fun. πŸ˜› Can you tell I’m already scared?!


Wednesday, 1/4:

(What I Was Supposed to Do:Β OFF)

What I Did: Off

Thursday, 1/5:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: TempoΒ 6 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did:

2 mile warm-up to the gym and some on the treadmill

6 mile tempo in 43:18 (7:13 pace): 7:30, 7:25, 7:19, 7:14, 7:05, 6:42

2.5 mile could-down home

10.5 miles total

Tried to add in some hills to simulate elevation changes and to make the second treadmill run of the week more interesting mentally, but it felt HARD, so thatΒ didn’t last too long. Still, felt like a great effort with negative splits!

Friday, 1/6:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: Crazy day at the hospital on OB made for interesting nutrition choices. We have to be at the hospital by 6, so I’ve been waking up and eating breakfast by 5. I was in a c-section and then a vaginal delivery and then got to watch a circumsicion, so I didn’t eat lunch (lame-o bagel with peanut butter…my stomach is too sensitive when it comes to running!) until 3PM, 10 hours after breakfast! Had plans to run with Tiffany, and holy moley I honked HARD. 3.49 milesΒ total (33:56; 9:44 pace), but I now know I need to be a bit smarter (sneaker?) about eating in between fun events!

Saturday, 1/7:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8 miles)

What I Did: 8 miles in 1:06:07 (8:16 pace) with Erin and Rachel! Hadn’t seen those girls since the half-marathon in October, so it was nice to catch up and hear about their lives and how their fall marathons went. I tagged on for 8 of their middle miles (they did 15-16 miles, I think), and man we were moving, but it felt great! My default pace is usually like 10 minutes so it was good to get some variety in there with some nice company. πŸ™‚

Sunday, 1/8:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 8Β miles)

What I Did: Couldn’t sleep last night (exciting things and announcements to come!), so when I finally gave up at trying to go back to bed at 6, I decided to just get my run over with even though it was snowing and, like, a real feel of 6 degrees. Got in my 8.14 milesΒ (1:15:15; 9:15 pace) which was good given the snowy bike path that was surprisingly not too slick.

Total Weekly Mileage = 45.06 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 137.25 miles


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