Sunday Runday: Week of 12/26 (Boston Training Week #2)


Monday, 12/26:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: 6.26 miles (59:28; 9:30 pace) around the neighborhood. This was the run that I put off all day, then ate too much, then wanted to do even less…but we got it done!

Tuesday, 12/27:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Speed 8 x 600 in 2:21-2:25 (5k goal of 19:30-20:00) with 400 rest)

What I Did: These speed workouts drive me crazy! They are so much faster than my body is used to moving and scare me like nothing else (LOL wait until we start these tempo runs this week…), but with each one I do complete successfully, I grow more and more confident in my running. I went to a rival high school’s track today that is actually MUCH closer than my own high school’s track. I definitely took all of the paths we could run on for granted in high school-this one is kind of in the middle of nowhere and I couldn’t find a great road off-camps to warm-up or cool-down on. The track team convened for their practice around my third interval. I’m not sure what the etiquette is for track sharing, but I was so far in, I wasn’t going to let them scare me off…this time. 😛

2.17 mile warm-up

8 x 600 with 400 rest in 2:30, 2:25,2:22, 2:24, 2:23, 2:22, 2:21, 2:16

1.18 mile cool-down

8.35 miles total

"Each day running is my tiny victory, some days it’s my big victory. Running is my way of establishing equilibrium in my life. When I am lonely, I find others to share sweaty moments with, when I am overwhelmed I take solace in the miles I can run by myself. It has helped me discover strength I previously thought unfathomable, and truly appreciate the miracle the is the human body."-@rdmurillo ••• Day 9/120 of #bostonmarathon2017 Training: Not sure what track sharing etiquette is, but when the high school track team joined me halfway through my workout for their practice, I kept at it. They were just warming up and I stayed out of their way, but was I supposed to move? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Worked down my 8 x 600 from 2:30 down to 2:16 (goal = 2:21-2:25) for 8 miles total today! #thunderthighs! #inthebestway! #irunthisbody

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Wednesday, 12/28:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: OFF)

What I Did: Rest Day

Thursday, 12/29:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Tempo 6 miles at 7:26 pace (goal = 3:15 marathon :O ))

What I Did: Was nervous about this first tempo run of Boston training, but rocked it! The first couple miles felt pretty easy, so I decided to add on a hillier section to the normal path around the lake at the park, which was definitely reflected in miles 3 and 4. This was definitely a good effort, but I remember my tempo runs feeling a lot more difficult when I was training for the Shamrock Marathon last spring. I’m not sure if that means I need to reevaluate my expectations/goals for Boston or if it’s just a sign I’m in pretty good shape, but I definitely need to thumb through my Hanson’s book again for some guidance. I want to try to incorporate more hills into my training this time around to prepare for the hills in Boston, and this was a good start!

2.21 mile warm-up

6 mile tempo run in 43:41 (7:16 pace): 7:35, 7:17, 7:20, 7:37, 7:07, 6:40

1.84 mile cool-down

10.05 miles total 

Friday, 12/30:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 7 miles)

What I Did: Driving back to school kept getting delayed by weather and changing plans, but finally drove back today! Got in a painful, super easy 7.14 miles in 1:13:15 (10:16 pace) before driving back.

Saturday, 12/31:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Easy 6 miles)

What I Did: Really should have planned by week better because I left two runs for a weekend of traveling! :/ But you work with what you got, and still got 6.21 miles in 55:21 (8:54 pace-we started off QUICK…and then fizzled away) in with Phil at the awesome Juniper Valley Park in Queens, a quick mile or so from Phil’s cousins’ house.


Sunday, 1/1:

(What I Was Supposed to Do: Long 10 miles)

What I Did: Was not looking forward to 10 miles after a night of staying up late! After church, we took our run from Phil’s cousins’ in Queens allllll the way to Central Park (through sketchy areas and awesome bridges and paths alike!) to total 10 miles in 1:33:49 (9:23 pace). Something was funky with my watch because it had one low 8ish minute and two sub-8 minute miles, which is a little hard to believe. My long runs are supposed to be much quicker (8:05 pace), which was my tempo pace last training cycle and something that’s going to take some work and mental strength to get myself to! I’m not sure I could have pushed myself with the way my legs were feeling (i.e. not so great), and  I was also with Phil who was getting kinda grumpy and hungry. We lost a little momentum at the end, but I’m proud of him for getting it done!


Total Weekly Mileage = 48.01 miles

Total Boston Training Mileage = 92.19 miles


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