Sunday Runday: Week of 11/21

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.17.30 PM

Monday, 11/21: Since high school, frustrating days have always led me to some fast runs. The day in clinic was busy and I felt like I wasn’t performing at my best, forgetting to ask patients pertinent questions and causing more work for my preceptor. Ran out three angry miles on the treadmill (21:06 aka 7:06 pace-holy moley! How did I ever run a HALF-MARATHON at that pace; I was dying) and an intense BodyStep class. BodyStep makes me want to become an instructor every time I go. The sets are hard, but only last 5-6 minutes at most and I always feel like I get a solid workout in.

Tuesday, 11/22: 5 miles on the treadmill (ugh, so mentally hard!) + BodyPump class!

Wednesday, 11/23: Off! And last clinical day of Family Med!

Thursday, 11/24: A pre-Thanksgiving dinner 5 miles around the Lakefront with my boyfriend who flew in yesterday! Haven’t seen him and his goofy self in 5 weeks! Love having him at home with me and the fam. 🙂


Friday, 11/25: Met up with my high school teammate and co-captain, Laura, for our traditional Thanksgiving break run! 4ish miles total and lots of fun catching up!

Saturday, 11/26: 1.5 miles before a grueling BodyStep class with Phil. Class was extra extra hard today-I’m not sure why! :/

Sunday, 11/27: A speedy 6.2 miles with Vinny after flying home and in between some studying. The miles felt fast, but great!



Splits courtesy of Vinny because my watch situation is non-existent at the moment. 😦


Hoping to focus on getting daily longer runs in over the next couple weeks to build a really solid foundation before Boston training begins!

Total = 24.7 miles



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