Sunday Runday: Week of 10/31

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Monday, 10/31: A quick 1 mile on the treadmill before BodyStep class, which seemed exponentially better than last week. The steps in the class are a bit technical, but I figure if you’re moving, that’s all that really matters!

Tuesday, 11/1: 3 miles (23:39) on the treamill before BodyPump class kicked my butt. Again. Everytime I’m in class (and after class and before class, for that matter), I can’t decide if I like it or not, but I figure I might as well challenge myself while I can and it’s already paid for! Ran into my high school teammate and co-captain, Catie, at class which was a nice surprise! We used to get together to do that and BodyStep together when I was at home, so it was like old times! I feel like I may be starting to get my legs back! Today’s run felt effortless, although I would have liked it better if it had been outside. πŸ™‚

Wednesday, 11/2: 3.2 miles (27:22) around the gym before BodyStep class with the new watch! πŸ˜€ Imagine this: it syncs immediately! Crazy. Step was nutso. So. Many. Squats.

Thursday, 11/3: First time in the pool since probably after Boards in June! Got my 72 lengths/1 mile in, and while I’ll never be swimming’s biggest fan (I’m so slow!), I will always love swimming. πŸ™‚ IΒ just find ig to be so meditative and relaxing, both physicall and mentally!

Not sure why, but getting caught taking an awkward pool selfie is significantly more embarrassing than getting caught taking an awkward running selfie. 😬 First time #swimming in ages, and loved not having to worry about counting laps because my new @garmin did it for me! 72 laps/1 mile followed by some hot tub and sauna time. My muscles feel sooooo loose and happy! πŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸ“ΈπŸ’ͺ β€’β€’β€’ Also did my first Pap smear today in clinic! So thankful for patients who are such willing teachers for us wannabe docs! β€’β€’β€’ #medschool #medstudent #womeninmedicine #medschoolproblems #medschoollife #medschooldiaries #oisellevolΓ©e #capitalregionbirds #oiselleteamdmv

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Friday, 11/4: Second day of BodyPump this week and holymoleymylegswereonfire! The instructor was awesome-so encouraging and explained everything we were doing. I got some good pointers on form that I’ll definitely carry with me in the future. I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger though-I almost finished every track and only took a few breaks! Got in an easy 2 mile run-walk at home, partly with Jonas, but I had to bring him back home because he was being lazy. The 5:15AM wake-up call brings back nightmares of surgery, but loved having my workouts done so early!

Saturday, 11/5: Did Cardio Dance and Tone class with my mom this morning! It’s taught by one of my favorite group fitness instructors ever, Robin, who is so inclusive and fun. She does a lot of Zumba/dance-y type classes, and invites participants up to help lead each song. I used to go to her Zumba Gold class twice a week (think low-impact, older-ish women, and with bright belly dancing skirts!) and was happy to dance up a storm with the group!

Sunday, 11/6: Woke up feeling like POOP. Allergies, perhaps. Coughing the grossest, thickest phlegm ever. Then ran possibly the worst race of my life at the Run Through the Grapevine 8k. Like. We’re talking 2+ minutes slower than my expected pace. And my expectations were LOW. + more phlegm. Digusting. More to follow in a lame-o race report? Briefly considered breaking up with running. IDK.Β 6 miles total for the day.

Total = 15 miles


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