Sunday Runday: Week of 10/24

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.17.30 PM

Um. How is it already the end of October?! I’m back at home in Maryland for the next 5 weeks for my Family Med rotation, so I’ll be checking out my former running haunts!

Monday, 10/17: 52ish minutes (6 miles) around my old high school stomping grounds! We used to consider runs to Grace (I have no idea what company this is, but it’s about 7 miles round-trip) to be crazy long in high school. I started off a little closer than my high school, but it’s funny how the same routes can feel so different at different times of our lives! I remember thinking the run was so hilly as a high schooler, and now I look at it and it ain’t so bad!

Tuesday, 10/18: 17 mile ride through Clarksville, Dayton, and Glenelg-ish and partly on the IronGirl/Columbia Tri bike course. I’m surprised at how easily I forget how hilly home can be, but my legs fared well, and it was a fun ride despite it being super windy and cold!

Wednesday, 10/19: I signed up for a guest membership at my local gym (which is really a super gym that includes three different gyms within 15 minutes of my hizzouse and offers a million and one classes and access to, like, at least four indoor pools) for $85, and I’m fully planning on making that purchase worth my while for the next month or so that I am home! Was planning on doing 3-4 miles post-BodyStep class, but it kicked my butt! And I was 10 minutes late (was soooo happy when the instructor responded to my pathetic looks of “PLEASELETMEINPLEASE” as I passed the door with a nod; let it be known that the lady at the front desk was talking to the peeps in front of me for like 3 minutesas I was anxiously looking like I was late to class I was going to!), so I can’t even imagine how beat I would be if I had done the whole hour long workout! Especially loved the “Ex’s and Oh’s” running track. That alone was awesome enough to make me want to come back again! BodyStep is a little more hardcore than I’m used to as far as Step classes go: I’ve found they’re usually more cardio-focused, but this class was very strength/conditioning based! Meaning it was terribly hard yet awesome for me! :O

Thursday, 10/20: 39:41 (4.5 miles) felt like ten years. I don’t know what’s been up with my body, but running just hasn’t felt good in a long time. I wasn’t even really running that slowly! Maybe it’s just a weird “I’m at home meaning I’m basically on vacation” mindset that’s creeped into my schoolwork, too, but I can’t say I like it. :/ Perhaps patience is what I need right now so I can be mentally and physically ready before I jumpstart training for Boston. Which is exciting yet terribly daunting at the same time right now.

Friday, 10/21: BodyPump at 5:45AM. Woof! I planned to leave for the FMEC conference after a full day of clinic, so I wanted to get my workout in early. BodyPump is intense for a non-lifter like me, but really good for someone who doesn’t like to come up with her own lifting workouts. Struggled through it, but hoping to go 2-3 times a week while I’m at home and see if some of that struggling gets easier as time goes on. 🙂

Saturday, 10/22: Woke up early before the conference began with the 7AM student discussion tables at breakfast to get my 5 miles in. In retrospect, running outside in the dark in areas I was not familiar with in that were also not very well lit was, perhaps, not the smartest move in the world. But it was still very pretty!

Sunday, 10/23: After the conference concluded around noon, headed over to Schenley Park for a quick 3 mile pitstop. It was gorgeous! So many trails!

Total = 18.5 miles


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