Sunday Runday: Week of 10/3

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.17.30 PM

Monday, 10/3: 7.5 miles with Moira in the Cemetery! We always have such a great time catching each other up on our days and logging some miles. On Saturday night, we met up at Walmart to work on Operation Alumni-Sweatshirts-for-Our-College-Team’s-“Home”-Meet, and it just felt unnatural since we always meet up on runs!

Tuesday, 10/4: We felt surprisingly good during our 2.5 mile warm-up, and Moira wanted to move her legs a bit, so we started trying to do 3 x mile at Moira’s goal marathon pace (8:20ish; I personally think she’s capable of much more!). The first (8:04) felt pretty pedestrian, so we tried for a faster, but consistent pace for the last two in 7:34 and 7:33. After, we did some pick-ups/striders on the straights for 2 laps, bringing my total up to 7.5 miles with our cool-down, and, like, 10.5 miles for Moira! We felt great, which is exactly how we want to this close to her marathon and my half-marathon on Sunday!

Wednesday, 10/5: 6 miles nice and easy because my body was super tired before Grand Rounds at 8AM. I think it might be the lack of sleep… Waking up isn’t the problem, it’s getting to bed early enough that is tough!

Thursday, 10/6: Off!

Friday, 10/7: 6 miles easy (56ish minutes) in the dark before heading to the hospital. I don’t love running in the dark, but when I have a lot of work to do in the afternoon/night, it’s nice to stay at school all day after work to study because nothing ever gets done at home!

Saturday, 10/8: Easy 2 miles down to packet pick-up because I didn’t want to deal with parking! We picked up wayyyy too much free stuff (the pens were okay, but then the 203491284 granola bars and two bottles of water were a bit too much), so I got a ride back with Maria and Moira back to school!

Sunday, 10/9: Hudson Mohawk Half-Marathon in 1:32:52! aka a PR! aka I am exhausted and want to sleep now. 😀 Probably a total of 14ish miles with warm-up and cheering for Moira as she finished the full!

Total = 43 miles


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