Sunday Runday: Week of 9/19

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I’m finally starting to feel good (i.e. not like I’m going to throw up) after a couple weeks of being sick and recovering from that awful bout of food poisoning! These are exciting times, people. Feeling pretty encouraged by my race on Saturday and excited for half-marathon #2 of the fall in two weeks!

Here’s what lastΒ week looked like:

Monday, 9/19: Well, first, I found out I was accepted into Boston! #woo! After my first day of Peds Genetics clinic, celebrated with a meh 8.25 miles with Moira. For whatever reason, we just haven’t been feeling it lately.

πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— #boston2017!

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Tuesday, 9/20: First workout in a long time, and it didn’t go so badly! 2 mile warm-up + 7 mile tempo on the treadmill (49:26; 7:04 pace) + 1 mile cool-down = 10 miles total. This was mentally really hard for me. I dreaded itΒ all day and went into this workout anxious and afraid that I wouldn’t deliver. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well to prove to myself that Saturday’s upcoming race will go okay, which just stressed me out more! Still, in retrospect it wasn’t a bad workout. Sometimes you need to meet yourself where you are because you can’t change your circumstances.

Wednesday, 9/21: 9.25 miles with Moira at the end of her 20 miler! Girl finished her run out like a boss. I, on the other hand, fizzled because I was too freaking hungry halfway through. Like. What. My stomach just gets so sensitive sometimes and when I know there’s not going to be much time for digestion, I get scared of not having a good run…and then I don’t eat and have a bad run.

Thursday, 9/22: A slow 6.5 miles was exactly what my body needed. It’s been a long week running-wise, and it’s “taper”-ish time for the race on Saturday! Although Moira and I have been saying that you can’t really taper if you never really worked up to training all out to begin with…hehe

Friday, 9/23: My legs weren’t feeling as fresh as I wanted them to the day before a race, so shuffledΒ a sloooooow 3 miles at legit 10-11 minute pace. I’m a big proponent of higher mileage over speed. The speed eventually comes with lots of miles!


Saturday, 9/24: Hogsback Half-Marathon Day! 1.5 mile WU + 13.1 mile race (PR of 1:34:07!) + 1.5 mile CD = 16 miles total for the day.

Sunday, 9/25: Off!

Total = 53 miles



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