Sunday Runday: Week of 9/12

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.17.30 PM

Monday, 9/12: 5 miles with Moira after my first day of Peds Endo clinic.

Tuesday, 9/13: 5.5 miles. Still feeling sick. 😦

Wednesday, 9/14: 7.5 miles with Luke on the new Rail Trail. We drove to the start on South Pearl in Delmar to avoid most of the sketchiness and just did a little out and back route on the bike path. Was really nice catching up after several months!

Thursday, 9/15: 8 miles (1:05:34). The first time feeling good in a loooong while! Loved the crisp air of this almost-fall morning!

Friday, 9/16: 2 mile warm-up + a poorly attempted 6 mile tempo at Lion’s Park (49:03; 8:11 pace) + 2 mile cool-down = 10 miles total.

BUT I did send in my application for Boston! 😀

Saturday, 9/17: Off while visiting Karly, a good friend from college, in Cooperstown!

Sunday, 9/18: 5 miles with Phil downtown.


Total = 41 miles



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